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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mark Hughes on The Avengers

This Forbes piece suggests that The Avengers may be headed for commercial success even beyond beyond what I was predicting the other day...

Whatever its faults, the movie is evidently doing something right (well ... it is in my opinion, namely it is quite brilliantly showcasing these great characters from the Marvel mythos).

Edit: Updated for this story from Box Office Mojo, which predicts that The Avengers will set a new weekend opening record in the US and possibly approach $200 million for the weekend. Its opening day pulled in $80.5 million - which is less than the last Harry Potter movie, but the latter had a quite extraordinary midnight opening that satisfied a lot of the demand. The Harry Potter record now looks shaky.


Mathew Varidel said...

Damn! Looks like $165 million will be unders.

Russell Blackford said...

It ended up making $200 million. Amazing!