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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Norma K. Hemming Award shortlist

Black Glass
novel by Meg Mundell
published by Scribe Publications (Brunswick VIC)

Bluegrass Symphony
collection by Lisa L Hannett
published by Ticonderoga Publications (Perth, WA)

The Devil’s Diadem
novel by Sara Douglass
published by HarperCollins

novel by Alison Goodman
published by HarperCollins

novel by A A Bell
published by HarperCollins

collection by Sue Isle
published by Twelfth Planet Press (Perth, WA)

Road To The Soul
novel by Kim Falconer
published by HarperCollins

The Shattered City
novel by Tansy Rayner Roberts
published by HarperCollins

Yellowcake Springs
novel by Guy Salvidge
published by Interactive Publications Treetop (Brisbane, QLD)

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