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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bullying ... and Mitt Romney

This is a good article about Mitt Romney. The only thing is, I'd go a bit further and make the point that Romney was not a "boy" when he allegedly did this. He was evidently about 18, meaning he was a young adult. We should not be infantilising people of that sort of age. It gets tiresome.

But anyway, he most certainly was not a boy when he laughed off the issue the other day. Even if the incident didn't happen quite as described, Romney's reaction to it as a man of mature years is that of an insensitive bastard.

This blog stands against bullying. Always has, always will. I am clear on this issue, and I hope you are. Bullies never deserve support. I hope the American electorate will be just as clear about it.

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Mike said...

There was an interesting little piece from Rachel Maddow a few days ago about Romney's chuckling through these issues. He also offered up a "funny story" about his father laying off workers.