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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mumbai University caves in to extremists

Mumbai University has removed a novel from its literature syllabus in response to demands and threats by extremists from a group called "Shiv Sena" - which apparently promotes the interests of the Marathi People. The novel is Rohinton Mistry's award-winning (and Booker listed) Such a Long Journey, first published in 1992. The university withdrew the book following a book-burning and a threat against the author's life. You might ask, "What was the university supposed to do?" Well, maybe, but this back-down seems to have happened at a point when there was little or no reason to fear for the safety of staff or students. I'm open to hearing more about the circumstances, but it doesn't sound good.

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Deepak Shetty said...

The shiv sena is (mostly) a bunch of thugs. People just steer clear of them if they can. Any Bandh(strikes) organized by it in Bombay usually result in people staying at home.
People simply dont want to take on the Sena (and because it is also anti-Islam, it has some sympathizers)