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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ah haz read John Shook's book (2)

Back on 12 October, I promised a full review of John Shook's The God Debates "in a couple of days". Ulp. A couple of days passed ... and then another couple of weeks. I super-promise that I'll get to it soon.

Meanwhile, Ophelia Benson is also reading it, and she's also positive about what she's reading.

Once again this is a very nice, readable and accessible book that, as I wrote last time, is more about philosoph of religion than theology except near the end. "... and it does provide a nice, readable, potted introduction to the field, including some good discussion of the more avant-garde and slippery arguments that might get trotted out against you in an actual debate with a well-prepared believer who has been reading Plantinga and the like."

So, I'll get back to it in, um, the next couple of days, just treating it on its merits and forgetting about the Huffington Post kerfuffle, which is now old and stale news.



Anonymous said...

Hey Russell/Prof Blackford,

I've just finished 'The Moral Landscape' and I really enjoyed it. However, there does seem to be something philosophically fishy about Harris' argument.
When will your review appear, so that I can defer the difficult process of thinking to a proper philosopher?

Keep up the good work!

Russell Blackford said...

It'll be this year, but it's competing with some other things that I'm doing.

Oh, and please don't be formal - no need for that.