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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Australian atheism book - complete line-up

Here is the complete line-up for The Australian Book of Atheism. I'm not sure whether the titles of essays are final and exact in all cases, but I'm sure they're close enough to give you picture.
1. Chrys Stevenson, Felons, Ratbags, Commies and Left-Wing Loonies

2. Max Wallace, The Constitution, Belief and the State

3. Alex Stewart, Religion and the Law in Australia

4. Robyn Williams, A Part-time Atheist

5. Colette Livermore, Atheism: an explanation for the believer

6. Tanya Levin, Above Rubies

7. Lee Rhiannon, Growing up Atheist

8. David Horton, Agnostics are Nowhere Men

9. Tim Minchin, Storm

10. Hugh Wilson, Public Education in Queensland

11. Peter Ellerton, Theology is Not Philosophy

12. Professor Graham Oppy, Evolution vs Creationism in Australian Schools

13. Graeme Lindenmayer, Intelligent Design as a Scientific Theory

14. Kylie Sturgess, Atheism 2.0

15. Martin Bridgstock, Religion, Fundamentalism & Science

16. Philip Nitschke, Atheism & Euthanasia

17. Alex McCullie, Progressive Christianity: A Secular Response

18. Leslie Cannold, Abortion in Australia

19. Jane Caro, Why Gods are Man-Made

20. Karen Stollznow, Spiritualism & Pseudoscience

21. Rosslyn Ives, Life, Dying & Death

22. Ian Hunter, Prayers in Australian Parliament

22. Lyn Allison, Ever Wondered Why God is a Bloke?

23. Michael Bachelard, Politics and The Exclusive Brethren

24. Russell Blackford, Free Speech

26. John Wilkins, The Role of Secularism in Protecting Religion

27. Warren Bonett, Why a Book on Atheist Thought in Australia?

27.Robin Craig, Good without God

28. Ian Robinson, Atheism as a Spiritual Path

29. Peter Woolcock, Atheism & the Meaning of Life

31. Tamas Pataki, Religion & Violence

32. Adam Hamlin, The Neurobiology of Religious Experience

33. Rosemary Lyndall Wemm, The Neurology of Belief


Steve Zara said...

How cool is it to be in a book with Tim Minchin?

I'll have to get this. I find your writings on free speech to be stimulating, although I struggle to agree sometimes!

Podblack said...

Hello! :)

My correct title is 'Atheism 2.0 - On Teaching In Faith Schools'. :)

Russell Blackford said...

Thanks, Kylie.