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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I have books to read

I'm reminded by Jerry Coyne's post over here. There's still some material that I really need to read as I'm completing and fine-tuning (like one of those cosmic designer-gods) my book on freedom of religion. In addition, I need to re-read the new Nicholas Agar book, Humanity's End, so I can get its arguments clearer in my mind for the sake of writing a formal review.

Over the next couple of months, I also need to read, or re-read, all of Thomas Pynchon's novels so I can write a talk about Pynchon early in the New Year. That's daunting because some of those books are HUGE, as well as being dense and complex. Back in the day, my original PhD was largely about Pynchon, but that was, well, back in the day. More specifically, it was a day a long, long time ago.

But my next reading task, over the next few evenings, will be the new Sam Harris book, The Moral Landscape. For various reasons, I need to get a good intellectual grip on this one.

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Brian said...

How do you do it? Read and digest books in short order? I guess that's why you have to PhD's.