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Friday, October 22, 2010

"Collision" story arc coming to a close

Marvel has posted a preview of the final instalment of the current X-Men Legacy story arc, "Collision". I've loved this arc so far, and particularly the way writer Mike Carey and artist Clay Mann are working with the main characters.

Judging from the five pages of preview, the last chapter is going to be a lot of fun - a bunch of bad guys called the Children of the Vault managed to get the drop on Rogue and Magneto, defeat them quickly, and kidnap them. Why? Well, that's a long story. Anyway, they're in the process of executing Rogue and using Magneto as, well, part of their city's power supply (sticking him in a machine that drains off his power for their use).

But then there's a glitch, and suddenly our heroes are free and the tables are turned. Rogue and Mags aren't stuck in there with 3000, or whatever, enemies. Their 3000, or whatever, enemies are stuck in there with them. I'm going to enjoy this when it's released next week. Oh, and "BRAKOOOM" is such a cool sound effect.


ColinGavaghan said...

I am sooo far behind with this. And the number of spin-off and reboot titles is a bit intimidating. I have a subscription to Marvel Online, and have just about finished the Joss Whedon run. Where should I go from there?

Russell Blackford said...

If, like me, you're only trying to keep up with X-Men, not the whole Marvel universe, you can get by with reading the Utopia and Nation X collections, which will show you how the current, radically-changed status quo came about. Then go to Second Coming, and you'll really be up to date.

I'm preferring X-Men Legacy to Uncanny X-Men at the moment, partly because it's currently centered on two of my favourite characters (Magneto and Rogue) and partly because I think it's being written very well by Carey, who really seems to love these characters and have a handle on them. But both books are based on the status quo that you'd get from the above-named arcs.

Russell Blackford said...

Hmmm, the Marvel Online/Digital thing seems to run about a year behind, so as not to bankrupt comic shops. But it should have the issues that make up Utopia - as per http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Avengers-Uncanny-X-Men-Utopia/dp/0785142347/ref=pd_sim_b_4

I see that there are some detailed Amazon reviews

So, Utopia, might be a good place (as it were) to go to next.

ColinGavaghan said...

Yeah, it's up to about July '09. Which still leaves me with a whole pile of reading to get through. :-)