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Monday, October 04, 2010

The God Debates by John Shook ... and other books for review

After the kerfuffle last week about John Shook's The God Debates, or more specifically his publicity piece relating to it in The Huffington Post, I now have a review copy on the way. My thanks to the lovely people at Wiley-Blackwell. Hopefully, after all that, it might be a good book. There certainly seems to be room for such a book. I'll report soon(ish).

I also still have the new Sam Harris book, The Moral Landscape, coming my way (though at my own expense), and I've been sent a review copy of Nick Agar's Humanity's End, which is essentially a critique of transhumanism. I've also dipped into Massimo Pigluicci's Nonsense on Stilts, but it'll take me a while to read the whole thing.

I'll doubtless have something to say here about one or more of these - probably all of them - though I'll also be seeing if I can place some reviews elsewhere.

My main reading is still focused on material that is relevant to the freedom of religion book, so all the above will have to be kind of fitted in as and when possible.

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