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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday supervillainy - bigots, homophobes, and gay superheroes

Have a look at this post by Tauriq Moosa about gay superheroes and the "million moms" campaign against them. The post is well worth a look in its own right, but take a few minutes to scroll down and read some of the comments (the topic generated a long thread).

It turns my stomach to see the number of bigots and homophobes - and they don't bother to hide it or equivocate in any way. But even worse, note who are getting the most "likes": generally speaking, it's the aforementioned bigots and homophobes. So ... just a small lesson in what we are up against in a world that is still full of irrational bigotry. Again, kudos to Marvel (and DC, too, though what it is doing seems less exciting) for showing what appears to be genuine friendliness toward the gay community.

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TauriqM said...

Thanks for this, Russell. Thankfully, it seems most comics readers - who tend to be adults, too - find the homophobia bizarre, too - if they're outright supportive of DC's and Marvel's move.