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Australian philosopher, literary critic, legal scholar, and professional writer. Based in Newcastle, NSW. My latest books are THE TYRANNY OF OPINION: CONFORMITY AND THE FUTURE OF LIBERALISM (2019); AT THE DAWN OF A GREAT TRANSITION: THE QUESTION OF RADICAL ENHANCEMENT (2021); and HOW WE BECAME POST-LIBERAL: THE RISE AND FALL OF TOLERATION (2024).

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My sessions at Continuum 8

Here are my sessions on the program of the national science fiction in Melbourne next weekend.

Continuum 8 @ Rydges on Swanston, 701 Swanston Street Carlton

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Russell Blackford

Participating in Events:
New Faiths For New Worlds Saturday 10:00 until Saturday 11:00 (60 Minutes)
Humanity Enhanced Saturday 15:00 until Saturday 16:00 (60 Minutes)
Apocalypses Through The Ages Sunday 14:00 until Sunday 15:00 (60 Minutes)
Where Are All The Wonder Women? Sunday 16:00 until Sunday 17:00 (60 Minutes)
Readings Monday 11:00 until Monday 12:00 (60 Minutes)

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How much longer do we need to wait until there is a post on abortion?