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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dodging my way through the week

Had my semi-regular gastroscopy today - related to a reflux problem, blah, blah. This procedure is painless and easy to recover from, so don't ever hesitate to have it done if indicated by chronic reflux or other relevant symptoms.

However, it wiped out the whole day, as there were some emergencies that apparently came up for the doctor and threw out his schedule. That's all fine - I got some reading done. Now I just have to await the results.

As I previously mentioned, my father had to have an eye operation at short notice last Friday. He's been recovering since and has been staying at my sister's place. Tomorrow night he'll move in here for a few days - which is also fine: we're well set up for that. All in all, though, a bit of a tricky week here, what with Jenny supposed to attend a conference in Sydney, over the weekend, while I am supposed to be preparing to attend this year's AAP conference, which starts on Sunday (however, I'll be pulling out of most of it - I still hope to turn up and give a paper, but if so it'll be a half-baked one this time).

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