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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Next stop New York City

Since this time last week it's been

Monday - Orlando
Monday night flying Orlando to New York City
Wednesday morning train to New Haven
Thursday a gig in Hartford
Friday flight from Hartford to Buffalo
Saturday flight from Buffalo to Boston.

Okay, we are spending three nights in Boston, of which one is left, and we catch a train back to New York City tomorrow.

By the way, Boston is a gorgeous city and it is getting unseasonably warm weather to end winter/begin spring. It was lovely wandering around the city today, and great catching up for lunch with my fine editor at Wiley-Blackwell, Jeff Dean. Thanks again, Jeff!


Dave Ricks said...

I'm not sure about your train ride from NYC to New Haven (where you might have taken the Metro North line), but on your train from Boston back to New York, you'll definitely be riding the Amtrak Northeast Corridor. Once you cross from Rhode Island into Connecticut, you'll get some views of Long Island Sound out the left side of the train. I like to grab a window seat on the left side of the train for that.

I also like the left side of the train approaching New York City, when you make the long climb up to the Hell Gate Bridge, the inspiration for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I just did an image search for how the approach to the span looks from the train, and I didn't find anything that really conveys what it feels like. There's a rhythm to the approach, as the train is climbing, and turning left, and the concrete trestle piers pass underneath and the catenary towers pass overhead.

And once you're on the span above the water, you'll have a unique view of Manhattan out the right side of the train. Not many passengers turn their heads to see it, but it is unique.

Russell Blackford said...

Wow, thanks for all that.

Jeff Dean said...

Great to see you and Jenny, Russell! Good to finally meet up in person!
Glad the weather cooperated while you were here. And, I agree with Dave Ricks: it's a lovely ride between Boston and New York, and the left side of the train is where to be going in that direction (though do look for a great view of Manhattan on your right coming into the city, as Dave says). I've taken that trip many times, and always enjoy the views.

Russell Blackford said...

Thanks, Jeff. Sent you a thank-you email earlier before noticing your comment here.