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Saturday, March 17, 2012

And now home at last!

It sure does take some time getting from New York to Newcastle - even with good connections and everything falling into place pretty well. It's about, hmmm, 33 hours since we left West Village, where we were staying, and we're just home. All this consisted of a long taxi ride to JFK Airport, flight to LAX, cooling heels for a while at LAX, loooong (13+ hours) flight to Sydney, then the drive from Sydney Airport to our home in Newcastle 100 miles (160 kilometres if you prefer) north.

But we've finally done it, all is well, and - looking back - that was an enjoyable trip. Also, I think, a successful one (all my gigs seemed to go at least okay, and sometimes rather better than that). I send big hellos to all the people I met for the first time and others whom I caught up with' that was probably the really great part of the trip.

And some more hellos to friends and loved ones here in Australia. Though it was a great trip, it's nice to be home.

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