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Monday, March 19, 2012

Jennifer Wilson the Republican Party war on women in the US

A sobering and soberly-written post. I have nothing to add right now, but I do suggest you have a read of it, as she sums up a lot this stuff well.


Mike said...

The war continues:

"The Republicans who control the Arizona legislature are pushing through a bill that would make it OK for both religious and secular employers to deny coverage for contraception if the employers object for moral reasons....
.. an employer may be able to discriminate against an employee ijavascript:void(0)f he finds out that she (or he?) is using contraception."


Russell Blackford said...

Right, so this is a law enabling employers discriminate against employees on the basis of highly private and non-employment-related aspects of an employee's life. Which seems like a law validating an abuse of the private power of employers.

Simeon Blatchley said...

It's not a war on women, and this lady and those who think so only see sexism and abuse of power, etc etc. They don't care to think that your killing a person for merely existing...they don't care about the deeper meanings...They mostly think "it's their choice"...you know I'm pretty sure it's someone else decides whether they want to kill your kids or wife or whatever. If you knew that, would you stop them? Or be like "it's your choice bro"...Unless the perversion of society has gone beyond what I thought, then I venture to guess you'd stop them.

Russell Blackford said...

Jesus Christ on a stick what did I do to deserve this Simeon Blatchly character on my blog?

Look, Mr Blatchley, you've already demonstrated on another thread that you are a homophobic bigot and on still another that you a fundamentalist loon. Your comment just now demonstrates what an idiot you are. I'll leave it there so that people can laugh at you.

Now go and and exercise your freedom of speech elsewhere.