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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Currently reading Christmas: Better than a Lump of Coal, ed. Scott C. Lowe

I've been sent a review copy of this book, so I've decided to broach it and offer some comments on the various essays during the lead-up to Christmas. The book is from my publisher (i.e. of 50 Voices of Disbelief), Wiley-Blackwell, so you can discount for bias if you like. It's in W-B's Philosophy for Everyone series of anthologies, which look at popular topics from a philosophical perspective - with good, clear, accessible writing. The idea is, as implied by the name, to bring philosophy to a broad audience.

I'm not far into the Christmas volume, so this post won't stand as a review. I'm far enough in to be confident that the writing will be enjoyable, though I've already read one piece that I found pretty irritating (predictably, given its subject matter). On the other hand, the first essay in the book is excellent.

More on that tomorrow. I'll talk about the opening essays then and will be counting down essays as Christmas approaches. I'll also still be blogging about whatever other topics come my way, never fear.


josef johann said...

With all this reading, publishing, and book reviewing you do, perhaps you could get a goodreads account.

Or maybe your automated page represents you well enough.

josef johann said...

caught by spam filter again. I guess I should stop linking to things..

Russell Blackford said...

Yeah, but I usually catch them.