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Friday, December 31, 2010

And so ends 2010

It's been a relatively quiet year for me. I moved back to Newcastle just before Christmas last year, and have spent a fair bit of time just settling back in, doing stuff for the new house (lots of new infrastructure), catching up with folks, and re-adapting to this city's more casual lifestyle (than Melbourne's).

Highlights included the Global Atheist Convention, back in March, and the World Science Fiction Convention, in September, both of which gave me excuses to visit Melbourne and keep in touch with some of my favourite people.

Actually, much of the year has consisted, for me, of holing up in my study researching and writing a new book. Hopefully, y'all will see the results of this effort some time in 2011. Beyond that, I have some other projects at very early stages - too early for me to talk about in public or to know whether they'll come to fruition. If all goes well, 2011 will be focused on these.

Tonight, Jenny and I will be watching the fireworks - and drinking some bubbly - with a couple of our close friends. In not very many hours, it will be a new year with a whole lot of extra adventures to happen ... and doubtless, for me, a lot more time reading and writing here in the study. May 2011 be good to us all. May it be safe and peaceful, but with that element of adventure I just mentioned. And as always, may you astound the world with the quality of your thoughts and your work.


Charles Sullivan said...

Tomorrow? I keep forgetting that Australia is often tomorrow compared to my today on the US west coast.

Tomorrow is December 31 for me.

Fiona A said...

Felix getting messy tonight?

Rorschach said...

Weird, I went back to Newcastle this year to visit some friends, and felt eeriely at home, although I only lived there for 6 months. The GAC was definetely a highlight, even if me and the horde spent most of it drinking with some dude called Myers...;)
I'm eyeing Newy for future residency, but atm family and job commitments are keeping me in Melbourne. Happy New Year !

Paul Lamb said...

Here on the other side of the planet the last day of the year is just beginning. I intend to bring in the new year the best way I know how: sleeping!

Eamon Knight said...

Well, if I've done my timezones right: Happy New Year from the old one. What's it like in 2011? Any advance warning for those of us with another 11 hours 49 minutes to go?