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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A shout out to my friends at Creative Net

Voila! This is especially for libraries and other such organisations that might be interested in talks from the sort of people that Creative Net represents.

The main emphasis is on writers and illustrators of fiction for children, teenagers, and young adults. That is certainly not my own emphasis these days (though those Terminator novels that I did were for a cross-over audience), but still ... someone might want to book me through these guys to talk about something appropriate to their purpose. Jenny is also on the list, as is a very impressive stable of industry professionals in Australia. If you are ever likely to be booking speakers in this sort of category, and if you're based here in Australia, do check it out.

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Tony Lloyd said...

Mabus strikes me as suffering from a mental illness. It's sad that mental illness is often still addressed by the criminal justice system.

If he is unwell I hope he gets the treatment he needs.