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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Forthcoming US trip

I'll be visiting the US in late February through to mid-March. This is primarily to talk at the Council for Secular Humanism conference in Orlando at the beginning of March. But I do have some other gigs arranged - in Hartford, New Haven, and Buffalo (CFI headquarters in Amherst).

Unfortunately, time will preclude any others. Hopefully there will be another chance at some stage, and I may be able to stay longer next time. Unfortunately, I don't have the sort of financial resources to do this sort of thing out of my own pocket (thanks, in this case, to the CFI/CSH for covering my expenses relating to their gigs, which includes actually getting me to the US and back).

I'll announce details a bit closer to the time for people who live in those areas or are thinking of going to the Council for Secular Humanism conference.

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Russell Blackford said...

And especial thanks to them because I have, indeed, had to do all my trips to the US in the past entirely out of my own pocket.

Getting some funding is very much appreciated, living as I do in a spot that is certainly pleasant (and on balance I'm happy here) but isolated from a lot of things that are important to me.