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Friday, August 12, 2011

Montreal police investigating Mabus...

... at last. See this newspaper article on the subject. Mabus comments here quite a lot, though his comments don't get published. He also sends me loony emails. I have no idea how dangerous he really is, but he's a pest. I get enough crap from him for it to be slightly disruptive, and I can well imagine others finding it downright disturbing. When you multiply his impact on individuals by the large number of other people who have to put up with the same thing, he's a social menace. Grrr.

I'm amused at his mother's comments, though - in the article.

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James Sweet said...

As to how dangerous he is, my impression is "not very", though who can say for sure what with the literally thousands of death threats he's made to people.

However, he's a tremendous drain on people's time and resources, and it is scary for many people. When he started hitting my blog, I briefly questioned whether it was a good idea to talk about my family on there or not.

I can't imagine there are many jurisdictions in the developed world where this sort of behavior wouldn't run afoul of some sort of harassment or stalking law.