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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The snark was a boojum

While we're hunting for snark, I should mention that I still get comments such as the following:

Keep that comment moderation on, you little idiot




Anonymous said...

That looks like Dennis Markuze aka Dave Mabus.


Russell Blackford said...

Yup, it's Dave Mabus all right. Just letting folks know he hasn't gone away.

Glendon Mellow said...

He forgot about me for about a year and then found me on Twitter.

Too bad he never found YNH.

Mariah said...

He'd gone away for a little while (I guess he was harassing people on Twitter?) Now he's back in force, of course.

I still can't figure out how this guy hasn't gotten arrested yet. His identity is well-known, and many of his spams have arguably been death threats. Whether or not a death threat is credible, when you make like 50 of them a month, shouldn't some kind of law come into play there?

Didn't Canada enact a hate speech law recently? Now, I personally am very leery of such a law, but isn't a wanker like Markuze pretty much the ideal target of a law like that?!

My sister recently started commenting on my blog, she posts anonymously and signs it by her initials: DM. The first time she did that I was really confused ;)

James Sweet said...

Argh, I think I posted as my wife again. Oops.