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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ah haz a contract!

I've just signed the contract for the new 50 Great Myths About Atheism book that Udo and I are writing. We're still planning the detail of how it will all work, but this will segue quite soon into some intensive wordcount-producing activity.


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David said...

Congratulations :) I'm still working my way through '50 Voices of Disbelief' (among a few other ongoing reading projects).

Will this also be a collaborative multi-authored collection or a just between you and Udo?

Myth No. 1 surely must be 'Being an atheist means you must a self-absorbed, self-interested asshole who has no motivation to aid others in their struggles through this life'.

Just my opinion. You could also use the Alister McGrath pieces on the ABC Religion & Ethics website for a few more poorly thought out characterisations (not like there is a shortage of material).

Russell Blackford said...

It's being co-written by just the two of us - not an edited collection this time.