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Australian philosopher, literary critic, legal scholar, and professional writer. Based in Newcastle, NSW. My latest books are THE TYRANNY OF OPINION: CONFORMITY AND THE FUTURE OF LIBERALISM (2019); AT THE DAWN OF A GREAT TRANSITION: THE QUESTION OF RADICAL ENHANCEMENT (2021); and HOW WE BECAME POST-LIBERAL: THE RISE AND FALL OF TOLERATION (2024).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ah is revising

I'm currently immersed in final manuscript revisions for my forthcoming book on freedom of religion, to be published in late 2011 or early 2012. Just letting y'all know where this is at the moment.


Kassul said...

Looking forward to adding that to my Christmas list this year! If it doesn't quite make it up here in time for Christmas I'll happily buy it for myself :)

... Too many books to read already, and that makes me smile.

Steve Zara said...

Keep up the good work! It's a book I look forward to with huge enthusiasm.

Dave Ricks said...

Speaking of too many books to read already, my Amazon pre-order of The Australian Book of Atheism arrived Saturday here in the USA. I really respond favorably to form (e.g., when a David Bowie song begins with an intro to an intro), and the table of contents having chapters grouped into topics makes me feel excited in that particular way. And thumbing through any chapter, they all look strong.

K said...

Just make sure that PZ gets a copy of the book to review so that you get more sales.