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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Still at the Worldcon ... of course

This is just the start of the third day. Yesterday was a solid day for me - first I had to run around town making some purchases for the SFWA hospitality suite, I had my panel (very efficiently chaired by Paul Cornell, who seems like a lovely guy), did a signing (with China MiĆ©ville and others - China's long line of fans dwarfed everyone else's, but he, too, seemed like a lovely guy), lunched with a batch of fine people (I was sitting between the brilliant and gorgeous Alison Goodman and my old pal Gregory Benford), followed by some general hanging around and getting ready for the evening's activities, which consisted of an industry party put on by Harper Voyager, then the Australian awards where I picked up the A. Bertram Chandler Award on behalf of  Damien Broderick, who is this year's very deserving winner, and then an attempt to contact Damien over in San Antonio. Finally there was the Nightmare Ball, where I danced far more energetically than was decorous or prudent for a man of my age. Good times. Wish y'all were here.

(John Kwok, eat your fucking heart out!)


Spencer Troxell said...

The introduction that China Mieville wrote for 'At the Mountains Of Madness' was pretty good.

Alan Baxter said...

Your dancing was a highlight of the ball!

Russell Blackford said...

lol, thanks Alan! :)