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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Norma K. Hemming Award

I meant to blog about this some weeks ago and will just refer quickly to it, since so much time has passed. The late Maria Quinn has won the Norma K. Hemming Award (for which I was one of the jurors along with Sarah Endacott, Rob Gerrand, and Tess Williams) for her novel The Gene Thieves (Harper Voyager 2009) .

This was the inaugural presentation of the Norma K Hemming Award for excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, class and sexuality in Australian speculative fiction. I enjoyed acting as a juror, and thank my fellow members of the jury - Sarah, Rob, and Tess - who are all smart people and very pleasant to work with. As far as I experienced, things went quite smoothly; hopefully I'll be invited back next year.

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