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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sir Ian McKellen at the anti-pope march

Love the T-shirt, Erik ... er Ian!

(Edit: apparently the message is photoshopped, but it's still appropriate for this one particular gay-and-out actor. I'm told that Sir Ian was actually wearing a "Some people are gay; get over it" message like everyone else in these Magneto-red T-shirts.)


Russell Blackford said...

Someone should redraw the Magneto pic with facial features more like Sir Erik's ... er, Sir Ian's ... and replacing Wolverine with an equally hapless pontiff. Though I suppose Marvel Comics would be unhappy ...

Anonymous said...

Would have been funnier if it was legit.

Anonymous said...

In case it's not apparent, the original message on the shirt can be read at the anti-bullying campaign site.

Russell Blackford said...

The original is good, too. Unfortunately, I can't truthfully wear either but Sir ian McKellen can take his pick.

To be clear, the image has evidently been photoshopped, and I didn't realise this when I posted, but I'm going to leave it up (with a warning) because I like it: "I'm the #@$% Gandalf and Magneto and I'm #@$% gay. What about it?" :)