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Monday, September 20, 2010

Off to talk about the "New Atheism"

I'll be addressing the Crossway Conference tomorrow, talking about the so-called "New Atheism". This involves explaining the phenomenon to a group of several hundred Baptist ministers and their teams from across Australia. I was a bit surprised to receive the invitation to do this, but I'm feeling positive about it: there are useful things that I can tell them, and it will be fascinating to see how they respond.

As I'll be flying around a bit for the next 48 hours, or a bit more, I may not be blogging much, if at all, and may soon become very slow in approving comments (moderation is still on). Bear with me; it's only temporary.


Nathan said...

It's in Melbourne, I'm really sorry I can't come to offer some support.

Make sure to make the joke about "new" atheists being any atheist that the Catholic Church can't burn at the stake any more. Then show them this video of christians in Africa burning witches alive.


Russell Blackford said...

Yeah, in Melb. They are flying me down tonight. It's not open to the public, which is fair enough. Take note, though, that they are able to organise a conference on this scale every year. Secular organisations have a long way to go ...

David said...

I look forward to hearing about their response.

I'm not sure if you've blogged or written about it before but do you really see any difference between 'New Atheism' and any other older atheism? (with the exception of how outspoken 'New Atheists' are free to be thanks to the progression of social freedom)

Theo Bromine said...

It recently occurred to me that "New Atheists" are not afraid to use taboo words when appropriate. For example, in Richard Dawkins' recent speech about the Pope, he used the word "penis", with ladies present, in public, in the middle of the day...where is my fainting couch???