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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moderation still on

Although I'm back home and at a computer screen more often, I've decided to leave moderation on for now. It's not ideal - people overseas, in particular, will not always be able to see other comments before commenting themselves. But maybe we can get by with the slight inconvenience. If it turns out to be too difficult over time, I'll consider moving to a platform with more functionality. Meanwhile, moderation does enable me to weed out spam, death threats, crazy rants, etc. That's kind of nice, especially when the death threats mention not only me but also members of my family.

I'll publish legitimate comments as quickly as possible, but if you're in a very different time zone (as most of my readers seem to be) forgive me if there's some delay.


GTChristie said...

Thank God for moderation. LOL.

Kirth Gersen said...

Death threats against your FAMILY? That's beyond the pale, even for zealots.

Seems like first it was novels (Salman Rushdie), then movies (Theo van Gogh), then cartoons (Kurt Westergaard)... blogs were sure to be next. They call their God by different names, but it's the same attempts to enforce their views through thuggery and violence, since they can't do it by reason.

Or maybe someone just hates SciFi?

Seriously, keep safe, Russell. You're a beacon for the light of free speech.