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Sunday, November 14, 2010

No post today (spot the paradox)

There's more I want to say about science, scientism, the supernatural, rational inquiry, etc., the recent dominant themes of the blog. I'd like to bring it all together in one place, but have been spending time in the various threads rather than pulling it all together. Maybe I can get to that soon, especially since some of the reactions suggest that I need to spell out a bit more about the context of my thinking on these issues.

But this is it for today. I have Jenny getting home from the US tomorrow - yay! - should get to bed now, and have also been juggling some other things, so I guess I can look forward to a new batch of comments on the last two threads when I check in the morning.

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josef johann said...

Well, the subjects certainly aren't going away! There is a tendency to treat them as exhaustible, one-off discussions. As if we should be embarrassed to keep coming back to them (ok, I'm thinking in part of "accommodationism" "other ways of knowing" etc).

Never understood that.