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Monday, November 01, 2010

Embiggen Books

If you buy books, you might want to think about creating an account with Embiggen Books - as I just did - and start sending some of your book-buying dollar in that direction. It strikes me that we're lucky, here in Australia, to have such an outstanding bookshop heavily committed to rationalist and skeptical thought, and with what I hear is an efficient mail-order service ... and that it would be good, where we can, to support it with actual cash transactions.

So that's what I'm going to do, starting now, and I commend the idea to others.

Something to consider.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, Russell.

I am a pain for christmas presents, and have just dropped a none to subtle hint to the missus regarding the site.

Hopefully going to have The Moral Landscape and The God Debates inbound. (Which is probably ironic, or something.)

A general thanks for the excellent blog also.

I have linked quite a few of your posts over at the Edge videogame magazine forum in their "God thread": http://forums.next-gen.biz/viewtopic.php?t=10044&start=6200

It's currently a 249 page monster, which has had it's ups and downs, but has also proved very useful for me and others over the years.


David M
(Facewon @ edge.)

Russell Blackford said...

Thanks, David. Your comment is much appreciated.

Chrys Stevenson said...

I can certainly recommend Embiggen Books for an excellent range of books on science, skepticism, atheism, philosophy, art and more. Also, if you're not quite sure what you want, the owner, Warren Bonett has an in-depth knowledge of his stock and can give great advice of a "read this first" then "if you liked that, read this next" nature. This isn't just an average bookshop - it's an extension of Warren's passion for science and reason and there's a huge sacrifice in profits from refusing to stock pseudo-science and new-age pap! So, yes, Russell's right - the skeptical community really needs to support Warren and his most excellent book store.