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Monday, August 31, 2009

Eric Reynolds' party in Kansas City

On Saturday night, Eric Reynolds held a party at his beautiful home in Kansas City, mainly as a reunion for his old friends from college ... but timed to coincide with Jenny's visit to Kansas City (well, and mine I guess ). For those who don't know, Eric is the owner of Hadley Rille Books, the publisher of Jenny's The Priestess and the Slave. The entertainment included bagpipes, matched Toto dogs, and a short reading by Jenny, which went well even though she has been struggling with a bit of illness for the past week, having inherited the bug (or something like it) that somewhat blighted my life when we were visiting Udo Schuklenk a few weeks ago and for the first couple of days of the Montreal Worldcon.

Eric has now posted some good photos from the party, so go and have a look. To whet your appetites, I'm filching one of Eric, Jenny, and me (hope this is okay, Eric!).


Jerry Coyne said...

Good God, Russell -- has anybody ever told you that you look just like Bill Clinton?

Russell Blackford said...

Only the one so far today, Jerry.