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Friday, August 07, 2009

This week in Canada

As a lot of my Facebook friends have already seen, this has been a mixed week for me. It was great visiting Udo Schuklenk in Kingston, Ontario, and meeting Udo for the first time - as well as his friends, including recent JET contributor Colin Farrelly and 50VoD contributors Adele Mercier and Christine Overall. Many thanks go to Udo, who was a kind and gracious host. Thanks also to Adele for hosting the fine dinner party on Tuesday night.

The downside is that I started to become ill about the time we were leaving Toronto for Kingston. By yesterday morning I had lost my voice, which means I'm having to pull out of most of my programming for the worldcon (perhaps all of it, depending on how well I brush up over the next few days). Although I'm pissed off about this, there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm just concentrating at the moment on resting and getting better.

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Ophelia Benson said...

That's the trouble with travel! Jets have crappy air full of viruses - so one gets to Good Place and promptly becomes too ill to enjoy it properly. Life's a bastard.