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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sticking my toe - or rather my vocal cords - in the water

My author reading is scheduled in an hour. I think I now have enough voice to front it even if Jenny ends up doing most of the actual reading, as she's kindly volunteered to do (I've chosen a particularly racy passage for her from my story "Smoke City", involving death, explicit sex, and a lot of blood).

A more difficult test will come tonight (Saturday night Montreal time) when I see whether I'm up to chairing a panel on Watchmen. Wish me luck!

Edit: In the upshot, I decided to read from "Manannan's Children", rather than the X-rated passage from "Smoke City". Miraculously, I managed to croak my way, unassisted, through the entire half-hour reading. Now to recover for my panel at 7 pm.

Further edit: ... and the panel on Watchmen seemed to go quite well. I even received a couple of compliments afterwards for my skills as a moderator. Now to see how my vocal cords are feeling tomorrow morning, after the day's excitement.

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