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Monday, August 10, 2009

Stretching the vocal cords

Well, I got through my panel on horror this afternoon, a certain amount of schmoozing thereafter, another panel on the Alien/s franchise, and then a long (though I don't know how much footage if any will be used) TV interview about Alien and Terminator.

I'm still not participating much in the worldcon, but I'm actually starting to feel as if I'm here. All panels/readings that I've been on seemed to go well. Not sure how I'll seem on TV - I'm always more comfortable with a live audience than a TV camera (not that I've often faced the latter). Jenny is doing a great job of flying the family's flag in my semi-absence (as a World Fantasy Award judge this year, she suddenly finds herself with quite a high profile, and I'm sure she's enjoying it - good on her!).

Anyway, if all goes well and there are no relapses I might be able to enjoy the rest of this trip much more than looked likely a few days ago.

Oh, and the Hugo Awards have just been announced ... but I didn't go along to the ceremony. Guess I'll know the results very soon, but not quite yet.

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