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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Legal Eagle on Freedom of Religion and the Secular State

See here for a discussion by Legal Eagle (Katy Barnett) of Freedom of Religion and the Secular State (she liked it), last week's launch for the book, and the law's treatment of religious privilege.


John R. Vokey said...

My copy just shipped from Amazon.ca (I had pre-ordered it)! Woot!

axxyaan said...

I have a question. Suppose a portion of the naturalists segregate and turn into a religion. Whould you then argue that we should allow them to walk naked through the streets?

axxyaan said...

It is possible I didn't translate this well from dutch but "naturalists" are people who prefer to be naked in every day situations.

Russell Blackford said...

axxyaan, the question is moot (see the other thread where we discuss the meaning of this word) because (or since, if that's an allowable usage) I see no reason to stop people walking naked through the streets in any event - if that's what they want to do. I might have done so myself when I was younger and my body was a bit tighter than it is these days.

The usual word in English is "nudists" but "naturalists" does get used in that sense.)

Russell Blackford said...

John, I love ya (in a sort of manly way ... and it'll be rescinded if you don't actually like the book).

Axxyaa said...

Do I understand your position correctly that you are against law that forbid nudeness in public? Do you have some idea how such laws could be challenged on seculare ground.

The rest of my questions will have to wait. Your book has arrived and I'll try to learn your position from reading it, before I come with further questions.