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Friday, February 03, 2012

Last night's launch at Embiggen Books

Last night, I enjoyed speaking, meeting people, and catching up with some friends, at Embiggen Books (here in Melbourne, where I'm spending a few days).

The occasion was a launch for Freedom of Religion and the Secular State - my new book from Wiley-Blackwell. We had a full house at Embiggen Books, and there was plenty of enthusiasm. I received some insightful and probing questions, which is all good, and there seemed to be a hunger for material supporting the concept of secular government ... and considering how it might play out in the twenty-first century, as we confront numerous issues where religion brushes up against state power. Hopefully, this sample typifies the wider educated community, since there is much to be concerned about.

Thanks to the good people at Embiggen Books for hosting for me, and to all the good folk who bought copies of the book. Now I just have to hope that you all enjoy it and/or find it useful. (If you do, make sure you spread the word!)

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godsbelow said...

Congrats, Russell! I look forward to reading it.