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Thursday, December 01, 2011

New issue of JET taking shape

The special minds/machines issue of The Journal of Evolution and Technology - mainly related to mind uploading and related topics - is now taking shape.

You can find my editorial here ... and you can click on the JET logo to go from there to our home page and see how much of the issue has been published so far. There's more to come, and there will be something for everyone (and probably something for everyone to hate).

When this issue is complete, over the coming weeks, it will be the size of a small book, and it will capture many viewpoints, including those of both enthusiasts and sceptics about mind uploading. As always, my role as an editor is finding good material and doing whatever I can, in working with authors, to make it even better ... it is not about publishing pieces that happen to reflect my own views.

I tend to be a bit of sceptic about uploading, myself, though not a dogmatic or especially enthusiastic one. And I've got to say that Mark Walker's pro-uploading article is very good. It may convince you, and it may be one of the most important pieces that we've published on my watch. I could say something similar about Nick Agar's sceptical piece. Really, the whole issue is going to be strong.

Hey, and it's free - you can read it all online without any requirement to subscribe or register.

Thanks to my guest co-editor, Linda MacDonald Glenn, and our Managing Editor, Marcelo Rinesi.

I'll doubtless have more to say as the issue nears its final form.

Edit: I have just a little bit more to say over at Talking Philosophy.

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