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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Also in the new issue of Free Inquiry: a review of Sentinels

The new issue of Free Inquiry, referred to in my previous post, also has a review of the Benford/Zebrowski collection, Sentinels (which contains my article, "Arthur C. Clarke and the Ultimate Future of Intelligence"). I'm pleased to be able to say that the review, by Tom Flynn, is highly favourable, though brief.

Even better, it's nice to see a sentence like this in a review: "Contributing authors include Isaac Asimov, Russell Blackford, James Gunn, Heinlein, Frederick Pohl, and Jack Williamson."


GTChristie said...

Yes, congratulations on keeping such good company.

Steven Paul Leiva said...

Yes -- congrats! A neat thing indeed. And it has a great cover!