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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thank Zeus for the X-Men franchise

It's given me something to post about when I'm feeling a bit burnt out from working 12 hours a day of late, and 7 days a week on the 50 Myths book. I am almost at the end of a huge batch of intense work over the past five weeks getting down my initial thoughts on the Myths. I will be disappearing to Vanuatu for 10 days of total relaxation very soon (leaving the Myths in Udo's capable hands). At the moment, my batteries need a lot of recharging.

I'm still excited about the First Class movie. If there's a franchise I'd kill to write for, other than Terminator, it's X-Men. The way my career has worked out, that won't happen. But at least I can enjoy, pontificate, etc.


Anonymous said...

Are X-Men your substitute for a religious mythos?

How sad.

Russell Blackford said...

No, Drive-By Anonymous Coward ... it would be sad if I thought the X-Men characters were real people.

I have nothing at all against fantasy or popular culture. Remember, I wrote three novels for the Terminator franchise: X-Men is hardly the only popular culture franchise that is dear to my heart. OTOH, I have a lot against people mistaking fantasy for reality. That is truly sad.