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Thursday, June 02, 2011

And a bad review over at Salon

Here's a bad review of X-Men: First Class to go with all the good ones. It's not very compelling because the reviewer is, or seems, totally out of sympathy with movies like this. Still, it's clear that not everybody likes it.

Still trying to find myself a free afternoon or evening to go and see it. It began screenings in Australia today, so we'll soon be starting to get the word of mouth.


Mathew Varidel said...

Just got back from the movie and I found it very entertaining. A whole lot of fun. I think it's probably Marvel's best.

About this review, as you said, I can't see what would convince the reviewer that this would be a good movie.

A Drunken Man said...

Just saw it last night; its a great movie. Both the actors playing Xavier and Eric did a wonderful job. highly recommend it.