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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jimmy Carter talks sense about the "War Against Drugs"

Good for Carter. The whole situation is ridiculous, no matter how you look at it.


Mike Haubrich said...

"Maybe the increased tax burden on wealthy citizens necessary to pay for the war on drugs will help to bring about a reform of America’s drug policies."

The column was spot on except for this statement. The United States is not going to raise taxes on the wealthy freeloaders anytime soon, and certainly not because of the "War on Drugs."

Spencer Troxell said...

It would be a great boon for the global economies if marijuana were completely legalized, and it would aid recovery from other drug addictions if drug use wasn't so stiffly penalized; If addiction is a disease, then we shouldn't be incarcerating addicts. We should be treating them. We don't throw people with cancer in jail.

but back to my first point, marijuana is already the number 1 cash crop in the U.S. Why not capitalize on it?

Bao Pu said...

Good stuff. Reminds me of stuff William S. Burroughs wrote years ago about Reagan's policies.