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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday supervillainy - X-Men: First Class character trailers

Trailers for Beast, Havok, and Banshee ... and for Mystique!

All this supposedly happens 40 years before the three original X-Men movies, so don't ask how it is that Mystique ends up looking like Rebecca Romijn after she's depowered in X-3. I'm just going to enjoy this one for what it is and only worry too much about internal continuity with the other movies if more of these prequels get made. The The First Class movie is still looking good to me - enjoy the trailers.


godsbelow said...

Looks good - love the tribute to the original costumes.

Spencer Troxell said...

The previous X-Men movies (and wolverine movie) were so bad, I had just assumed I wouldn't be interested in 'first class'. These trailers have piqued my curiosity, though.

godsbelow said...

Apparently Rose Byrne's character, Moira MacTaggert, has been "Americanized" for the film. Well. I doubt it's because Byrne couldn't pull off a Scottish accent - she's a capable actress and has no trouble supressing her Aussie accent for American and English roles, so why not just leave the character be?

The changes that spoil adaptations like this, in my experience, aren't the big ones that are necessary for the change in medium and for establishing a world that will be accessible to all. I get that, and I expect that. It's the little, unnecessary changes that are done, I suspect, merely to cater to the creative pretensions of some producer or the director. Take the hateful example of what they did to the Wade Wilson of the Wolverine film. It was a completely unnecessary change that had absolutely no dramatic effect or influence on the narrative - why not just use a recognisable Deadpool? It wouldn't have made a difference to the story, and would have been appreciated by Marvel fans.

Hope this film doesn't make too many of the same mistakes. Anyway, rant over

Russell Blackford said...

By the way, there seems to be something wrong with Blogger at the moment preventing me from posting. Hopefully, it will let me back tomorrow.

andry yudha said...

it's great triler film.., very interesting and entertaining