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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday supervillainy - In which Doom is not amused

This is more from FF #4 ... follow this link for more about the story. I found the image online over at Scans Daily, where it was also pointed out that Dr. Doom's faceplate doesn't work like that (it's just a, well, an inflexible metal plate with some holes in it). The sequence is kind of funny though - enough, I think, for the artist to take liberties.

I do love Diablo's smartarse expression to go with his banter. But hey, Doom has owned him in the past ... and I'm sure he will again. Let him have his little moment.

Edit: Here's the dialogue if you're struggling to read it.

Guy from A.I.M. (in yellow): Humor me, Doctor Richards, while I lay this out... You're saying these men are just as intelligent as you, but lack the soft nature and general weakness that you possess? That they have the ambition to rule worlds and decide the fate of others as they see fit?

Dr. Doom: I do believe I like these Reeds.

Reed Richards: You wouldn't... One of the things they do is turn any Victor von Doom they encounter on any world into vegetables. They consider you too dangerous to just let wander around.

Diablo: Well then... I do believe I like these Reeds.

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