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Monday, May 16, 2011

Jumping on point?

Whew that was a long review of X-Men Legacy #248 I wrote yesterday for my now regular Sunday Supervillainy feature. Hey, it was a good distraction from wrestling with the theological views of Alister McGrath and John Haught (which I'm currently doing on a daily basis because it's all valuable research for the 50 Great Myths book).

I wasn't really thinking this at the time, but it strikes me that if anyone is interested in using it that way ... the XML #248 would provide a decent jumping on point. It explains - not too cryptically - what happened in the Age of X story and now has the characters returning to a somewhat altered status quo in their "ordinary" reality. It does actually stand as a point from which you could get your bearings. This is where the seeds for a whole lot of potential developments are all planted in one issue.

I'm just sayin' for whoever might be interested. No one's paying me for this. :)

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mathewvaridel87 said...

Awesome. I was thinking that when I read the review but I didn't ask. I liked Gambit and Rogue in the movies, so I think I'll jump on here.

Since you're previous suggestion, I've already jumped on Avengers, Uncanny X-Men. I am about to begin Spider-man from the recent point one issue onwards and Fear Itself as well.

Oh, and I started reading Ultimate X-Men from the beginning which I had already ordered.

I think I'll probably end up getting hooked to at least a couple of Marvel comics.

Thanks Russell.