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Friday, April 08, 2011

"Damion" on debates

One commenter, Damion, referred us to his Agnostic Popular Front blog - which is a running commentary on debates between religious believers and non-believers (or broadly analogous protagonists such as people with different views of biological evolution). So, I give him a hat tip - I didn't know about this resource, and I've got to say that it's an interesting one. It's not a place to discuss debates, since it doesn't have comments, but it's a creative use of the blog format, with information, and what seems like an informed opinion, on numerous debates dating back to the 1970s.

These are not all formal debates such as we've been talking about over the past week of so, but also include various less formal discussions, interviews, etc.

I could find it providing many hours of fascinating reading.


Damion said...

Hey thanks for the post!

And yes for those wondering "Damion" really is my real name, not just an internet moniker. ;)

David M said...

Damion, I couldn't get the link to the Law v Mcgrath debate to work. I love the site, and I know sometimes it's out of your control, but if you've got updated links to any of the source debates, that would be awesome. (I do worry that you gave so much credit to Plantinga in the one review of his I saw. I bough the book of the debate between him and Dennett from a couple of years back, and I thought he was awful. I should go back and see if you reviewed that one too.)

Anyhoo, great site.

David M said...

And I take it all back, you did review that Plantinga debate, and you were on the money. Apologies Russell, I shall now retreat from talking to Damion through your comments section! ;)