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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror - ToC

Table of contents announced for this book:

The stories are (alphabetically by writer):
  • RJ Astruc - Johnny and Babushka
  • Peter M Ball - L'esprit de L'escalier
  • Alan Baxter - The King's Accord
  • Jenny Blackford - Mirror
  • Gitte Christensen - A Sweet Story
  • Matthew Chrulew - Schubert By Candlelight
  • Bill Congreve - Ghia Likes Food
  • Rjurik Davidson - Lovers In Caeli-Amur
  • Felicity Dowker - After The Jump
  • Dale Elvy - Night Shift
  • Jason Fischer - The School Bus
  • Dirk Flinthart - Walker
  • Bob Franklin - Children's Story
  • Christopher Green - Where We Go To Be Made Lighter
  • Paul Haines - High Tide At Hot Water Beach
  • Lisa L. Hannett - Soil From My Fingers
  • Stephen Irwin - Hive
  • Gary Kemble - Feast Or Famine
  • Pete Kempshall - Brave Face
  • Tessa Kum - Acception
  • Martin Livings - Home
  • Maxine McArthur - A Pearling Tale
  • Kirstyn McDermott - She Said
  • Andrew McKiernan - The Memory Of Water
  • Ben Peek - White Crocodile Jazz
  • Simon Petrie - Dark Rendezvous
  • Lezli Robyn - Anne-droid of Green Gables
  • Angela Rega - Slow Cookin'
  • Angela Slatter - The Bone Mother
  • Angela Slatter & Lisa L Hannett - The February Dragon
  • Grant Stone - Wood
  • Kaaron Warren - That Girl
  • Janeen Webb - Manifest Destiny
Jenny also announces it over here. "Mirror" is actually a poem, not a story, but who's counting?


RoBe said...

Russell, I know this isn't exactly on topic, but seeing as you're a comic fan. Have you seen this?


Sad state of affairs eh?

Russell Blackford said...

I hadn't, but will check it out. Is this the business about Heimdal? Anyway, will have a look. Thanks.

RoBe said...

It is indeed...