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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review of The Australian Book of Atheism

A very detailed, thoughtful review by Bruce Everett over at Thinker's Podium. The favourable discussion of my own chapter in the book gives me a certain bias, of course. The review praises the book, but also raises interesting points - please consider having a look.


RoBe said...

But where can we buy it, I live in Perth, but spend my time reading Pharyngula, or Martin or Smith etc. Where can I buy this book of Australian heretical musing? P.s love the blog!!

Chrys Stevenson said...

RoBe - the book is available in all major book stores. There are three ABC shops in Perth - any of them should have it or be able to order it for you.

Beaufort Street Books at Mount Lawley should also have them.

You can also order online from Embiggen Books here: http://embiggenbooks.com/australian-book-of-atheism-the.html

RoBe said...

Thankyou so much! It is now ordered!