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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jerry Coyne has a confab with the faithful

In this particular case, I am linking to someone else's post without any reservations that I'm kinda holding back for later, or not getting around to, or finding it difficult to express well, or whatever. This post by Jerry Coyne about his recent confab with a small group of liberal Methodists is very useful, IMHO, and I have nothing much else to say about it except to point you in its direction. I enjoyed it and learned from it. It's detailed and, alas, nuanced (I'm kidding about the "alas"; it's just that Jerry says he hates the word "nuanced").

Once again, we have a bunch of religious folks whom I'd be happy to talk with over a beer. If religious groups were always like this, the urgency level of speaking out against religion would go down drastically. Unfortunately, they're not ... but that's another story.

I haven't (yet) read the resulting thread on Jerry's blog, though I expect it'll be interesting.

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