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Monday, January 17, 2011

X-Men family tree

Two points here:

1. Even I can't follow all of this tangle.

2. But I know enough to know that this is a simplified version. E.g. where is Quicksilver's daughter, Luna, who in turn is also the daughter of Crystal ... and so related to the whole royal family of the Inhumans? (Not to mention that Crystal is now married to Ronan the Accuser, giving the House of M an indirect connection to the Kree ... aarrgghh!)


Russell Blackford said...

Not to mention the child Colossus has in the Savage Land. Then there's the fact that Iceman had a fling with Mystique (both on the diagram but without a dotted blue line) to join them. And although she's human and not on the diagram, Lee Forrester has had relationships with both Cyclops and Magneto.

Marshall said...

But it's all Bogus! These people are just Scamming you out of your dimes! (Comic books used to cost a dime, I remember.) Nobody could ever draw any useful life lessons out of this vast pile of childish fantasy! Only weak-minded escapists could ever take any joy in this exotic pulp!

Russell Blackford said...

lol, that would be a great comment on some of the other threads, wouldn't it?