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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Murray or Djokovic, which of these?

I'm off to the Rod Laver Arena tonight to see this. I actually have no idea who is going to come through here. Unlike most of the population, I'm quite pleased to see a final with neither Federer nor Nadal, but I have no particular preference among the two players who are left standing. I hope we get a tough, high-level match that goes for five sets, whoever wins.

Last night I was rooting for Li Na, though I have absolutely nothing against Kim Clijsters. On the contrary, she seems like a genuinely nice person, as well as an elite player on the tour. I expected her to come through in the end, as she did, but a victory for Li Na would have been great for the game in many ways.

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The Super Sweet Atheist said...

I too was happy to see a final without either Nadal or Federer. Unfortunately, Djokovic was more fresh than Murray so the final wasn't as exciting as it could've been.

I was also happy to see the women's final didn't include a Williams sister. I'm so bored with them and their accolades to their "god" when they win (and they always seem to win, don't they?). It's just gross.